using a Soda Siphon to fill as glass with soda water

What’s a Siphoid? – See “Syphon” or “Siphon” As In “Soda Siphon”

What does siphoid mean? It's a siphon bottle (a Soda “Siphon” – or “Syphon”). But, although the word is clearly related to “siphon”, if you look at a Siphon Bottle, you'll soon see that there is no physical similarity. The physical principle of siphonage does not occur in a Soda Siphon.

Use of the Word” Siphoid

All the research we have done suggests that the word siphoid has only one use. It describes the soda siphon (also spelled syphon), also known as the seltzer bottle or siphon seltzer bottle is a device for dispensing carbonated or soda water.

Convenient, Almost Instant, Fizz!

But, the soda siphon is unequalled in it's ability to conveniently add the fizz to an enormous variety of tasty drinks. It's not surprising that they have never ceased to be an essential piece of equipment at cocktail parties.

The top brands, as always, produce beautifully designed models with sleek and stylish looks.

Stainless Steel: A Perfect Material for “Siphoids”

Image shows new Soda Siphons for sale in a market.
CC BY-NC-ND by Alejandro Vaccarili

Many of the best-looking, made from stainless steel, reveal their steel surfaces as a backdrop to some beautiful artwork. Steel being such a malleable material allow it to be moulded into infinite graceful shapes. The holders for the gas-canisters are increasingly ergonomic. Non-slip grips help ensure a steady hand, for the bar tender as each cocktail is carbonated and delivered with a flourish!

Quality pressure control valves deliver maximum comfort and safety, a provision of a measuring tube prevents overfilling.

Tap Water Vs Bottled Water for Carbonating

Sorry, we don't spend our time debating which of these (tap water versus bottled water) is best. The fact is that tap or bottled water are equally good for carbonating, and the technique of adding fizz to fruit juices, wine spritzers, and cocktails is known, and enjoyed by almost all people.

Home Soda Siphons

Most home soda makers are either soda siphons or small, independent appliances. Soda siphons attach to the mouth of a bottle and carbonate whatever liquid is in the bottle. It does this through a small carbon dioxide (CO2) cartridge.

Soda Machines vs Soda Siphons

Image shows a Soda Machine.
CC BY-NC by Gurney

Soda machines have CO2 cartridges built into what’s usually a counter-top appliance that can fill a bottle. Many will have features that allow you some control, such as how much CO2 goes into the bottle. They’re easier and faster to use, but also more costly up front, and take up a lot more room.

Additional benefits to a soda siphon are that they’re easier to store, easier to clean, and there’s less chance that something could go wrong.

Soda siphons are made for casual drinkers who want the freedom to carbonate what they’re drinking on-demand without a lot of fuss.

Either soda device is equally good at helping to reduce the inconvenience and volume of trash produced when constantly bringing home bottles of soda from the store. via

How to Use a Soda Siphon

Fill the siphon directly from the tap with cold, fresh water. Make sure you have inserted an soda cartridge/ gas charger. Inject the gas into the liquid and seconds later enjoy fine sparkling soda water.

What to do You Cannot Unscrew the Gas Cartridge Head to Replace a Cartridge?

First release the pressure: Siphon makers ISI, say you should place their “Whipper” with the head upwards and hold a towel over the outlet. Activate the lever until the iSi Whipper is no longer under pressure. Now the head can be removed from the bottle. If the head still cannot be removed, it's best to contact iSi or your Soda Siphon ( or should we say “Siphoid”) service centre. Information provided via

With the older glass soda siphons, there was a risk of explosion if too much pressure built up inside the container. This doesn't appear to be as much of a safety concern with the newer models. Their design has been updated quite a bit and the CO2 cartridges are customised for the specific container to only release as much gas as the container can handle. via

Awesome Siphoid Sustainability

The Three Stooges or the Marx Brothers shaking bottles and spraying each other in the face can be very funny. But why would you want one?

Well. How about considering sustainability? (Doing things because they help preserve our planet.)

Each time you use a soda siphon, you are not actually opening a bottle which will go flat and spoil very quickly. You are merely opening a valve to release only the amount you need.

Leave it out for your next round or even ignore it for several weeks – it remains pressurizer's until it’s used-up.

No more half bottles going flat and ending up down the drain. via

Seltzer Water

Iamge shows a Seltzer water dispenser.
An Old Seltzer Water Dispenser. – CC BY-NC-ND by merfam

Seltzer was an early manufacturer of siphon bottles, so the name has become synonymous with soda water. Soda siphons allow you to make your own seltzer water, so you can concoct speciality soda flavors, cocktails, and other carbonated beverages. These easy-to-use machines only require cold water and soda chargers filled with CO2. After the water has been added, shake the unit, press the trigger, and dispense carbonated water directly into a serving glass.

You Never Need to Drink A “Flat” Drink Again When You Have A Soda Siphon!

Soda siphons deliver fizzy and refreshing drinks every time, eliminating the risk of using flat seltzer water. Making your own seltzer water also reduces spending costs wasted on bottles of club soda. Their compatible soda chargers will also increase savings because they can be reused and refilled from a CO2 tank. via

Be As Healthy As You Like Or Indulge Your Love Of Sweet Drinks – It's Up To You

Seltzer water (soda water) is a healthy alternative to buying and storing bought drinks since it only contains water and carbonation.

You control any other ingredients you choose to add.

You can make delicious beverages by using your homemade sparkling water with our flavoured syrups or your own fruit juices. It's also perfect for cocktails and wine spritzers.

No matter what use you have for club soda, soda water or seltzer. Syphon bottles and chargers make it easy to make these delicious carbonated waters at home. via


Soda Siphon History

An image of an old soda siphon or siphoid.Soda siphons were first made popular in the 1920s and 1930s, when they were a new invention. Their use waned after WW2. They were no longer the sole means of obtaining fizzy drinks, as bottled carbonated beverages became more available. At first the fizzy drinks bottles used were sold with a returnable deposit.

Siphon bottles were hard to find. Many of the siphon manufacturers' plants in Eastern Europe had been bombed during World War II and had not re-opened. All this led to a decline in their use in the years after the war, which has never fully recovered. However, these bottles are still often used in some bars to make drinks. via

In the 1960s cheap single use glass bottles were introduced. They were convenient and appealed to the public.

Art Deco Style Carbonation

Art Deco soda siphon
CC BY-SA by Etmo

In the 1930s London thrived on its resilience against the global economic crisis. Population numbers in the city boomed as electricity and automobiles replaced gas lamps and horse carriages. The Art Deco movement gained traction and popularity in painting, furniture and industrial design as well as architecture.

In a time where the public craved amusement and longed for pomp and extravagance, London experienced a cultural revolution that would modernise it in a multitude of ways. Seltzer water had always been an essential ingredient of cocktails popular at the time, which made it easy for products like the Sparklets London Soda Siphon to persuade the young generation. via

Antique Soda Siphons

You can still find antique soda syphons from the 1930s era today. Expect to see them no and again in antique shops on and offline. Prices range from $40 to well over $100, depending on if they work or not) or whether you can purchase working replicas of a particular model.

Modern (New) Soda Siphons

You can also find modern designs, for sale new, various kitchen retailers. Most do tend to be metal and plastic instead of incorporating glass. Due to the many companies making the siphons, you will find a wide range of colours and styles. We think all of them are works of art.

Using A Soda Machine – A Much Longer Version!

To use a siphon, just follow these quick steps:

  • To begin, place your measuring tube into the neck of the bottle, and
  • fill your siphon with cold water.
  • Insert the tube and gasket into the measuring tube, and
  • make sure it lays flat against the top.
  • Screw the head onto the siphon tightly.
  • Place one CO2 charger into the charger holder, and
  • screw the charger holder into the head until you hear the gas dispense into the bottle.
  • Wait until it has totally dispensed, and shake the siphon vigorously for a few seconds.
  • Unscrew the charger holder and remove the charger.
  • Cover the holder with the dust cap and press the lever to release the carbonated water.
  • Between uses, shake the soda siphon to ensure that the gas and water continue to be properly mixed.
  • Adding carbonated water to your drinks has never been easier! via

Home Soda Makers

Most home soda makers are either soda siphons or small, independent appliances (Soda Machines). Soda siphons attach to the mouth of a bottle and carbonate whatever liquid is in the bottle. It does this through a small CO2 cartridge.

Soda Machines

Soda machines have CO2 cartridges built into what’s usually a counter-top appliance that can fill a bottle. Many will have features that allow you some control, such as how much CO2 goes into the bottle. They can be easier and faster to use, but also more costly up front, and take up a lot more room. via

Carbonation Cartridges Must Constantly Be Replenished

Image shows a person using using a soda siphon to fill a glass.
CC BY-NC-ND by ovi's studio

All soda siphon, and soda machine users must learn this.

The tiny problem with seltzer bottles and whipped-dessert dispensers is, the carbonation cartridges.

These must be purchased separately and screwed on to the bottle to charge the water with carbon dioxide each time the bottle is filled. Users must always remember to buy and store the CO2 cartridges, before their Cocktail Parties.

Run out and there will be no fizz left for the rest of your party!

Sustainability Footnote

The carbon dioxide chargers used with modern soda siphons are stainless steel. Stainless is high in embodied energy and high in recycled content.

There is no way to know if one particular cartridge has recycled content, but the chances are that it will. The empty chargers are themselves recyclable where stainless steel is recycled.

So, take care that the spent CO2 cartridges, are recycled by you or family or business colleagues.

This is the key to buying a soda siphon and actually being sustainable about it.

We must always recycle our old cartridges, and then we can happily spritz away all night and day. via

Our Verdict:

Discover the refreshing fizz of purest soda water. It's still a joy for us all!

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