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Home Heating Tips To Make Your Life Easier – Bleed a Radiator to Fixing Leaky Copper Pipes

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  1. Central Heating DIY – How To Bleed A Radiator
  2. Get a Professional Boiler Service Done Annually
  3. Keep Your Dog Warm With A Dog House Heater
  4. What's A Good Home Heating System?
  5. The History Of Central Heating
  6. Prepare Your Home For Winter
  7. How to Protect Your Home from Winter Weather
  8. How to Repair a Leaking Copper Pipe
  9. Simple Steps to Repair a Leak
  10. How Much Does A New Boiler Cost?
  11. Why Learn to Fix Leaky Copper Pipes
  12. Furnace and Boiler Rebates
  13. Savings Are Heating Up

Here you can find all the home heating tips you need, to make your life easier. From bleeding a radiator to fixing leaky copper pipes.

We all depend heavily on our home heating for our comfort, so you may find these tips helpful along the way. If you like reading about these tips, we'd be delighted to receive your feedback.

Central Heating DIY – How To Bleed A Radiator

Bleeding or venting a radiator is a simple DIY task that anyone can do with a little bit of understanding and some basic tools. A clear sign that a central heating radiator requires the air venting out of it is if the top of the radiator (where the air has risen too) is cold whilst the radiator is warm further down when the heating is on.

When remodeling the kitchen space, the walls are often at the highest level, and as a result, the traditional “wet central heating systems” are removed. This is because these radiators are traditionally located horizontally and extend along the entire length of the wall.

The second phase was to turn of the central heating and mains water and drain the radiators so that the old radiator and cistern could be removed ready for tilling and refitting with new.

Get a Professional Boiler Service Done Annually

I would suggest bringing in a licensed service professional once a year to perform a complete inspection and conduct annual maintenance work. This trained and certified technician should rigorously test the boiler and repair problems, clean the heat exchanger, check connections and wiring, and test water pH levels. home heating tips

Prompt and professional installation of your new gas boiler. Warranty and post warranty service, annual maintenance plans and boiler repairs. Wall boiler type latest systems are up to 95% efficient. A flue wall mount gas-fired condensing boiler featuring an innovative vertical mounted, helical fin tube heat exchanger is an example.

For every year a boiler system goes unattended, boiler costs can increase approximately 10%. Boiler operation and maintenance is therefore a good place to start when looking for ways to reduce energy use and save money. 

You will do best to hire the most experienced boiler installation service that can do the best job. These professionals are fully expert to provide you the best boiler installation or repair at a very affordable cost.

Keep Your Dog Warm With A Dog House Heater

A dog house heater makes good sense if a dog and its owner is living in a region where winter months are freezing cold. If you have your dog living in an outdoor doghouse, then this type of heater will help it stay warm.

What's A Good Home Heating System?


The heating and cooling produced by air conditioners and heat pumps is based directly on the temperature/pressure relationship of the gas inside the system. The changing of the gas to a liquid, liquid to gas, and circulation of it is what ultimately impacts the air temperature in your home.

Homes in colder regions have to be equipped with a good home heating system. A heating system is important to provide comfort to families especially during the cold winter months. However, not just any type of heating system will do for all homes.

Choosing an energy-efficient heating system, therefore, is the best solution for this situation. In order to do this, homeowners need to know first about what a home heating system is all about.

A heating system for residential properties is made up of boilers, which contain heat exchangers, where heat is generated. Heating systems with fan motors take up more electricity compared to those without fans.

Our home heating tips include the tip that homeowners choosing this type of unit should in order to save on electricity costs, select a fan motor with variable speed rather which is more electrically efficient than the standard model.

Furnaces with just sufficient heating capacity are also ideal. There are several types of furnaces used in home heating systems. These are the hot water boilers, steam boilers, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and forced air heating systems.

They are recommended for homes located in areas with both warm and cold climates. Some of the most popular heating systems are the electric heat pump, radiant baseboard, radiant ceiling or floor heating systems and the space heaters.

The History Of Central Heating

Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about our central heating system – it’s just something we have always had. But this modern convenience has some very ancient roots. There are many interesting facts about the history of central heating.

Prepare Your Home For Winter 2020

heatingA boiler repair or maintenance is very important whether it is summer or winter. You need to be prepared that your HVAC system is functioning for both seasons. Most homeowners keen to keep their home heating running smoothly often do a basic check their HVAC system in advance.

Power outages can occur in subzero temperatures. Power outages are never convenient, so make sure you have a back-up method of lighting a fire or stove to keep warm in at least one part of your home. During subzero winter weather, a power outage can be damaging and even dangerous for a home's occupants, unless you do have just one room you can keep warm using an alternative form of heating.

Before you bring plans for thank giving, consider some of those winter preparedness ideas. With the official arrival of the fall season, it's an excellent time to do those chores in and around the home that have been put off for a while as we prepare for.

How to Protect Your Home from Winter Weather

Insulation not only effective to heat the home, as well as it helps to control the overall temperature inside at moderate. One of the best home heating tips is that through insulation, you can protect the leakage of the heat from the building and consider suitable for almost every weather, especially for winters.

Winter maintenance keeps your home working the way it sure during the cold weather months, protects you and your family, and ensures you’re ready for the spring thaw. The following are some things to include on this year’s winter maintenance checklist.

How to Repair a Leaking Copper Pipe

Water leaks are a homeowner's nightmare, but there's a good chance you can repair it yourself without calling in an expensive plumber. Pinhole leaks are commonplace and the only way to properly fix them is by removing the leaking section of pipe and replacing it, with either copper, PEX, or PVC pipe.

You can use a clamp and sleeve repair kit to temporarily fix a leaking copper pipe. This kit is easily available in most local hardware stores. Before doing the fix, ensure the main water supply to the affected pipe is turned off.

Repairing a leak or a burst in copper pipe or a copper pipe joint is not a difficult job as most of the DIY home handyman sites will tell you. What most fail to tell you is that the difficulty in completing the project is usually because of the logistics – where the leaking or burst pipe is located and how it is secured in position.

Home Heating Tips – 5 simple steps to repair a leak

The results of a leaky sink strainer are a pain, but fixing them is pretty simple. No need to worry about an expensive service call when for a couple of bucks and a little of your time, you can repair a leaky sink strainer in 4 easy steps.

How Much Does A New Boiler Cost?

Especially for relatively cold countries, pellet systems have advantages over oil-fired and electric boiler systems in terms of the expected total life-cycle heating costs to consumers.

Home Heating Tips featured image showing a guy with his face deep in a DIY book.
Via https://plumberglasgowsouthside.uk

It has been indicated that energy policy, abundance of raw material and a wide dissemination of district heating systems have fostered the emergence and growth of the pellet market in cold countries.

However, fuel costs can be considerable, regular maintenance is required, and if maintenance is delayed, repair can be costly. Guidance for the construction, operation, and maintenance of boilers is provided primarily by the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).

Home Heating Tips – Why Learn to Fix Leaky Copper Pipes

Generally, majority of people use copper pipes as a plumbing material for running interior water lines. Leaks can occur any time in a copper pipe and people mostly make use of materials like repair clamps or repair couplings to fix pinhole leaks within the pipe.

It’s typical for steel water heater tanks to have the cold water inlet pipe and the hot water outlet pipe connected to these fittings using copper fittings and pipes. How to fix leaky pipes and joints – while leaky pipes are often best left for a plumber, there are some leaks in pipes and joints that you can tackle yourself.

To get started, identify if the pipe you are using is copper or cPVC. In this course, learn about plumbing pipes and fixtures including how to ensure pipes are leak-proof, and the basic principles of sanitation and safety.

Buy 5/8″ brass compression fittings for 1/2′ copper pipe, 7/8″ fittings for 3/4″ copper and so on.

Plastic and metal plumbing pipes often have threaded fittings, and if installed improperly. Leaky pipes are often best for example, when you turn a threaded galvanized steel pipe to unscrew it from its fitting at with copper pipe, the new section must be sweat-soldered in place.

When a copper water pipe corrodes and leaks, or bursts from freezing, you have to fix it fast. If the leak is pinhole-sized and less than 1/2 in. Of pipe must be removed, you can make the repair by cutting the pipe and soldering (“sweating”) on an ordinary pipe coupling. How's that for a top idea among many home heating tips.

Any and all of the above quick fixes will get you back in business quickly if you ever need to deal with a leaky pipe. Anyone living in a home with copper pipes can be thankful that leaky pipes happen very seldom.

Furnace and Boiler Rebates

The warm advantage program provides rebates for qualifying high efficiency furnaces or boilers. To be eligible, you must purchase, install, and operate home heating systems that meet all program requirements. For a status update of processing cool and warm advantage applications, please visit the hvac portal landing page.

Some energy residential natural gas customers are eligible for furnace, boiler and thermostat rebates. Some energy residential electric customers that use electricity as their primary heating and cooling fuel may qualify for heat pump installations in some jurisdictions.

Savings Are Heating Up

The Honeywell thermostat with a touchscreen is a money saving possibility. To control my second stage heating dependent on outside temperature (an energy saving for heat pumps) the thermostat must have an outside temperature sensor available.

Central heating and air conditioning is in the business of selling comfort, energy savings, and piece of mind. Nobody wants to be uncomfortable in their own home, or have to worry about whether their furnace or air conditioner will fail on the hottest or coldest day of the year.

What about the money savings?

Heating and cooling by the space – one remarkably effective money and energy-saving strategy, particularly for those who happen to work full time from a home office, is to keep the central heating and air conditioning at a more efficient level and using a space heater or window air conditioning unit to maintain the one room being used the most at just the right temperature.

Home Heating Tips – Conclusion

It’s best to call in a plumbing expert even before you start experiencing leaks. Nowadays, piping is copper or PVC and has reduced the odds of problems. Yet copper pipe leak repair is fairly common, and is often due to pinhole leaks developing over time.

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