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Tramontina dutch ovens

Tramontina Dutch Oven Review

The following is our review of the Tramontina Dutch Oven cooking vessel range. Tramontina is a brand of Dutch Ovens which is often a lower-cost choice and we understand is made in China. “Dutch ovens” suggests a large household appliance, but in reality, these are simply well-made cooking pots with tight-fitting lids. They are perfect […]

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Fumes - the cause of passive smoking deaths

Researchers Announce That Study Shows That Passive Smoking Is The Cause of 1 Out of Every 100 Deaths Worldwide

After looking at the data for 192 countries the new research has shown passive smoking to be a huge global killer, and the reason that this has been hidden for so long lies in the fact that death from passive smoking is rarely caused by the smoker’s scourge which is lung cancer. These results confirm […]

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