Image illustrates tips to pack your donation as a featured image.

5 Incredible Tips to Pack your Donation Comfortably

Is decluttering your home at the top of your to-do list this lockdown? If making a donation to goodwill or charity store you'll do well to read our tips to pack your donation?

Image illustrates tips to pack your donation as a featured image.

If so, you may find yourself gathering up donations to drop-off at your local Goodwill store. There’s no wrong or right way to prepare your items for donations, but there are some things you can do to make the donation process more streamlined.

Follow the below-given simple steps to make the drop-off easy and make sure that your donations deliver the most impact.

#1 Box the similar items together

If you’re planning to pack all your items for donations into a single bag or box, drop that plan. Instead, separate them by category. According to experts handling the MERS Goodwill donations, it’s recommended separating soft items (like clothes) from the breakable items (like dishes). This will make the sorting process easier for the donation center employees and also will prevent any accidental damage.

 #2 Safely package fragile items

If you’re donating any fragile items such as porcelain figurines, mirrors, jewelry, or dishes, make sure that you pack them carefully to avoid any breakage. Use bubble wrap or newspaper to cushion these types of donations. Make sure that you clearly label boxes containing breakable items with text containing fragile items handle with care.

#3 Secure the parts and pieces to board games, toys, and puzzles

If you’re donating gently used board games, puzzles, or toys, make sure that you pack all the parts and pieces of the games or toys. Then, secure the boxes using rubber bands or tape to prevent losing small pieces while transporting.

#4 Keep pairs together

Keep items that belong together in the same donation box, for instance, keep shoes or matching suit jackets and suit pants together. You can also tie shoes together by the laces or use a rubber band to keep them together.

#5 Use reusable bags or boxes

Most of the goodwill centers across the United States accept donations, whether they come in a box, bag, or any other type of container. Goodwill centers also recycle plastic bags and cardboard boxes. Still, you can also donate your goods in reusable containers such as plastic bins, laundry baskets, or even fabric bags as a more sustainable way to donate.

Check out donation guidelines before you go!

Donating goods that are in good condition is the best way to ensure they have the most impact and value. Before sending your goods for donations, give your items one last look to see whether they are free from rips, stains, or any other damage.

While most donation centers accept most donations items such as clothes or household goods, donations don’t take some donated items for safety reasons. To save your time, check the website of the local donation center or call them to see what are the items they accept for donation.

Once you’re collected and organized all the items you want to donate, the final step is taking them to the nearest Goodwill store! Once received, your donations will be given another life in Goodwill stores. They generate funds to support

Goodwill’s job training programs and employment services for people with disabilities and veterans.

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