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Tramontina Dutch Oven Review

Tramontina dutch ovenTramontina is a brand of Dutch Ovens which is low cost and we understand is made in China. Dutch ovens suggests a large household appliance, but in reality these are simply well-made cooking pots with tight fitting lids. They are perfect for slow cooking roasts and casseroles, and have a large following in the cooks and chefs that find them indispensible. Other terms used are cocottes, braisers and casserole dishes. They normally have side handles for easy lifting and steadying then while stirring. The lids on dutch ovens retain steam and their thickness ensures an even heat when cooking or braising food.


Originally these were only available from long established designers and brands. These included Le Creuset®, Mario Batali®, and All–Clad®, but in recent years manufacturers have begun making them in the Far East and these are finding their way into the US at prices which can be very attractive.

We have recorded our own review of the Tramontina Dutch Oven in the video below. It is a real buyers feedback from this seller’s Amazon.Com website.

The large, heavy pot which is the stamp of a good dutch oven, has the advantage that it is suitable for both stove-top or oven use. Many people remember the extra-heavy cast iron, enameled pots which their parents bought and used when they were only available from manufacturers such as Le Creuset and Staub.

These are very hard-wearing pots, and very much come inot their own on a range type cooker, for slowly-simmering soups and braised meats, as well as a other favorite casseroles and meals which need the meat tenderizing over a long period.

For best results, we always recommend that Dutch Ovens should be cleaned immediately after they are used to avoid a build-up. Many people put some hot water into it, and let it soak while they eat their meal.

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