Anansi the West African trickster god

Anansi Folktales: How the West African Trickster God Teaches Life Lessons

Anansi Folktales and How the West African Trickster God Teaches Life Lessons Introduction Is the name Anansi familiar to you? It’s a mythical trickster and teacher spun straight from West African folktales. Not only will this article unravel his web of tales, but it’ll also decode the life lessons woven through these age-old stories. Ready for a mind-trickling journey into […]

Featured image with the text: "12 Easy DIY Holiday Crafts".

A List of 12 Easy DIY Holiday Crafts

Discover the joy of these easy DIY holiday crafts. Making things with other family members and friends while on holiday can be great fun and become a treasured memory in itself. The whole family can join in at all ages, finding the materials you will need on the beach. Then later all can join in […]

Image text: "Chafed Skin Prevention and Cure".

Chafing Remedies – Home Remedies for Chafed Skin

This article is about chafing and chafing remedies, and we include several home remedies for chafed skin. What is the best chafing treatment? Chafing rash on the groin and inner thighs is treated with the following therapies:. Read on for chafing causes, symptoms, and prevention. When it comes to treating newly chafed thighs, more than […]

Image text: "Guide to low back pain".

A Guide to Low Back Pain – Causes Prevention and Cures

Low back pain (LBP) or lumbago is a common disorder involving the muscles, nerves, and bones of the back. Most people will suffer from a period of low back pain in their lifetimes, and some find that it recurs more frequently. Pain can vary from a dull constant ache to a sudden sharp feeling. Approximately […]

Image text: "What Does a PMP Transcript Mean?".

What Exactly Does a PMP Transcript Mean? Project Management Professional Training

In this article, we explain what exactly we mean by a “PMP transcript“, with reference to Project Management Professional training. PMP training is well worth the effort because it can raise your career to the next level and increase your employability in the IT business by several grades. The qualification is offered by the Project […]

Featured image text: "Healthy mashed cauliflower recipes".

Mashed Cauliflower Paleo – Healthy Mashed Cauliflower Recipes For Paleo Dieters

Healthy mashed cauliflower recipes are a great standby for those on a Paleo Diet. Read on and we will explain why. Have you ever had a good, fresh head of cauliflower in your mouth, and wished you could share that with the world? If so, you are part of a tiny minority that belongs to […]

The Pancreatic stones diet explained.

The Pancreatic Stones Diet – Eating the Pancreas-Friendly Way

Read on to find out more about the Pancreatic Stones Diet. Eating in a Pancreas-friendly way should be the aim of all, but if it’s too late the Pancreatic Stones Diet is still your best option, as we explain below. On This Page Recovering through your diet Is there a diet for pancreatitis? Is There […]

Rachel Ray Weight Loss is an example to us all.

Rachael Ray Weight Loss – How She Put It On & Lost It!

Rachael Ray and weight reduction are being discussed a lot just recently, so we decided that we would introduce our readers to the tale of Rachael Ray (presenter of the television show of the exact same name) and her experience of weight gain. And, how by a quirk of fate then succeeded in achieving weight […]

Image is featured as an intro to this article "Mandela-Effect-Definition".

Mandela Effect Definition and How False Memories Occur

On This Page The Mandela Effect: How False Memories Occur Examples of the Mandela effect What Is the Mandela Effect? When masses of people believe an event occurred when it didn’t The Mandela Effect Today Mandela Effect Examples That Will Blow Your Mind Examples of the Mandela Effect The Mandela Effect Mandela Effect Definition and […]

Image shows Facts about babies in the womb

Facts About Babies in the Womb – Intriguing and Little Known

There are many intriguing and little known facts about babies in the womb which we thought our readers would find interesting, especially for new Moms to be. Children grow up really fast. In one moment there is nothing more than a few cells and almost immediately vital organs are being built. It’s not surprising that there […]

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