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Iamge shwos: Environmentally friendly sandals

Why Buy Environmentally Friendly Shoes?

If you’re on the market for new footwear, why not try environmentally friendly shoes. With sneakers, flats, heels, and other designs available, there’s a style on the market that’s right for you. You don’t need to give up style and comfort in order to become a friend of the Earth. When people hear the term […]

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Good Outlook for Green Products Thumb Image 350x350

Outlook Bright for Green Products and Services

Green N Brown an online retailer of eco friendly and organic products announced the results of its quarterly end user survey, 2010 American Green Behavior. The survey evaluates over 590 American consumers and measures their awareness of and preferences for green products and services, and their purchase decisions and processes. The survey also looks at […]

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UK Wind Farm Prospects Take a Turn for the Worse

The UK government’s ambitious target to reach 20% renewable energy generation across all energy souces, by 2020 looks a lot less likely to be achieved this year, from a large contribution from land based wind farms, than it did 6 months ago. When we first posted this in November 2010, the coalition government had just […]

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Bird flights marvels revealed by imaging: Humming bird in flight.

New Bird Flight Marvels Revealed by University of Montana Flight Laboratory Researchers

A lab that has won National Science Foundation funding for 25 years, and published dozens of papers has released details of their research in an interview with, which shows some amazing newly discovered features of bird flight. Dial, is a biologist at University of Montana Flight Laboratory, who, in 1988, founded the lab at […]

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