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The Michael Phelps Diet – is it for you?

Michael Phelps diet for swimming

The Michael Phelps diet gives him a ton of calories which he needs for swimming daily!

The Michael Phelps diet is receiving quite a lot of publicity right now, and some people that have heard there was a buzz around his diet are mistakenly thinking that it might be used for weight loss. Let us be clear. His diet is perfect for him, you can see that is self-evident from his swimming record and his many gold gongs prove that he’s in perfect physical shape, but a weight loss diet for the average person, is one thing it is not!

Let’s face it, not a lot of people swim fifty miles per week like he does, so his diet isn’t going to suit many people. The diet for breakfast, dinner, and tea for a Michael Phelps is intentionally just loaded in energy.

Let’s put it even more clearly! There is no one that would suggest following the Michael Phelps diet unless, you pretty close to being six-foot-four-inch tall and spend the majority of your day enduring exhausting exercise programmes. Only if you are one of those people who are conditioned sportsmen will you benefit from to copying the wonder of Phelps’ diet. All you could ever do would be an exceedingly scaled-down version of what this champ eats.

Even if you frequently exercise, it is very improbable that you’re going to be in a position to burn all of the calories you get after having a Michael Phelps diet. One or two sports medication doctors which have been quoted on the web about this have actually given evidence saying that, after weeks of scientific research it is better not to follow that diet.
Just the normal breakfast of the Michael Phelps diet involves 3 fried egg sandwiches that are filled with cheese, tomatoes and fried onions besides as well as a huge helping of mayo.

The items on the diet list, when taken as an element of lunch, are smaller than during other times. But, the list still includes a lot of pasta that’s loaded energy ingredients. He often eats 2 enormous sandwiches for lunch with cheese included and embellished with mayonnaise over white flour bread.

Also, you have got to consider that he also consumes energy drinks adding up to one thousand calories daily, and you would need to do the same before you could call your diet a Michael Phelps diet. Michael Phelps is an outstanding sportsman, no question about that. But he obviously pays a serious price to gather his prizes in the pool, in terms of the time he must spend eating such large meals. Surprisingly also, does not appear to ave been in much hot-water with his sponsors regardless the public apology he had to make after being snapped inhaling from a joint.

In swimming circles, he rules. In one race, it is reported that his shades were crammed with water and he could not see, but he still won! Michael Phelps won convincingly in the pool at the Beijing Games, winning 8 gold gongs in 8 events to wreck Mark Spitz’s single-Games record for gold gongs ( 200m free, 100m fly, 200m fly, 200m IM, 400m IM, 4x100m free relay, 4x200m free relay, 4x100m assortment relay ).

He swam seventeen times over 9 days and broke the world record in 4 of his 5 individual swims. His 3 relay groups also set world marks. Michael Phelps is here to make history. In reality he has a way of eating which may make us all envious, but eating 2 pounds of pasta in a single day does not come without becoming fat for the rest of us.

But try explaining to small children how he eats so unhealthily, and yet can still be such a great sportsman!

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